What Have We Tried?

Pick which of these “carrier driven consultant driven directions has been successful at bending the trend as they have been telling you they will do.

Every new carrier and agent, consultant/broker brings with it the same solutions (watch the video).

For instance, in the 90’s and up to today, you’ve been sold CDHP, HMO, PPO, POS and other plans. In the kaiser 2012 survey of plans (KFF Employee health benefits survey, chart ref. pg 2), the price difference from lowest to highest is barely over 15%. If one solution was superior wouldn’t you expect it to be bending the trend by now and saving money?

As a specialist in pricing of plans, I can say, there’s never going to be some special plan that is going to make a difference unless we fundamentally agree the system needs changing. No more plan dejour, career dejour, government dejour or consultant dejour. Roll up your sleeves and get messy!

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