Wellness in the Workplace

Wellness programs are believed to be effective in controlling costs, yet prices are still rising at levels “consistent with the last several years.”

Employers are finding it’s working, but it’s not affecting cost. Why?

The chronically ill are going to be ill and often times look for an exit strategy. It’s why supplements for “diet” have gotten to be such a big problem. With all the research, we should have better evidence for and against exercise, diet- meaning specific foods- like organics, before or pre-pharmacy options. The “magic pill” should be tried after intensive therapy and diet.

We do have obesity issues, so having wellness is intuitively a good idea. But then why do plan documents not reward health? I mean, let’s put in a walking program, running or other exercise before we do surgery or drugs. We know behavior modification comes with intensive personal visits. Let’s not try pills and side effects first, let’s try exercise, mental health, and diet coaching.