BlockChain Healthcare Disruption

Blockchain will require stakeholders from every silo to play nicely together. This HEALTH-BLOCK-CHAIN-DETROIT Forum will continue the conversations and help you catch-up, or stay-up on what’s happening. Meet others who plan to use BLOCKCHAIN in their Healthcare Silo and want to connect with you.

Moving Swiftly

BLOCK-CHAIN technology is moving swiftly, Financial Service giants Fidelity and Prudential, Universities like MIT, and Harvard,  Federal Reserve, and Regulators are discussing and testing BlockChain. Stakeholders from every Healthcare silo need to be part of the discussions. This Forum is an opportunity to see and hear who is making BlockChain happen here in Detroit and get your ideas on the table.


HEALTH-BLOCK-CHAIN will force transparency, changing how just about every team does their work.
  • Payer teams who will be affected: actuarial & pricing, underwriting, marketing, sales, Medicare, CMS, Medicaid, affinity, agents and distribution of every kind.
  • HR departments: large and small employers, and related functions and vendors for payroll, third-party administrators, total rewards,
  • Physician groups: contracting, billing, medical records, coding, and other payment streams,
  • Hospitals: contracting, billing, revenue cycle, charge-master, medical records,
  • Pharmacy benefits: incentives, pharmacy rebates,
  • Regulators, Policymakers and legal for plan documents, State and Federal regulators,
  • Banks and other financial institutions,
  • Developers in-house and outside developers,
  • Research and the science of health.

Experience Working In Most Silos

So, why this now? HEALTH-BLOCK-CHAIN is changing healthcare.Spanning more than three decades, I have first-hand experience in many of the healthcare silos. It is easy for me to see BlockChain replacing outdated methods and systems, replacing them with patient and physician friendly tools. This is the discussion, it makes sense intuitively and many are studying it right now.Healthcare is broken, that is no surprise. Accepting our current state and focusing on the future state, with this technology as the backdrop, means allowing our history and experience to influence the decisions that will be the basis of the disruption. It means, embracing what is coming without losing lessons learned.Like me, maybe you keep hearing how transparency is what’s needed in healthcare. If that is true, BlockChain is transparency for every stakeholder or silo in Healthcare.BlockChain is the transformational, disruptive change needed to move us from our current state to the future one. Be part of the discussion.

Should You Attend?

Seasoned executives would benefit the most, but all are encouraged to attend. There is a Detroit and Michigan Ecosystem for Healthcare and this Forum is intended to help you connect with others who share an interest in BlockChain. Share this with others to make this beneficial and to include many viewpoints. Invite them to be part of your internal conversations and participate in the larger conversation. In this safe environment you can connect and learn with others.

Register Your Interest, Details To Follow

I will schedule a fall date and location after hearing from you and others to determine the likely attendance. In addition to attending, let me know if you, or someone you know, are a subject matter expert and interested in presenting.If sponsoring is your interest let me know that as well, it would be helpful to keep any cost as low as possible to make attendance easy.Complete the form, and bookmark this page so you can return to offer further insights or thoughts.[contact-form to=”[email protected]” subject=”BlockChain”][contact-field label=”Name” type=”name” required=”1″][contact-field label=”Email” type=”email” required=”1″][contact-field label=”Phone” type=”text”][contact-field label=”Representing” type=”checkbox-multiple” required=”1″ options=”Physicians,Hospitals,Pharmacutical,Research,Payers,Developers,Policy Makers,Regulators,Banks,HR”][contact-field label=”Attendance” type=”checkbox-multiple” options=”If the dates work I would attend.,I’m interested in the topic but not likely to attend.,I have no interest.,Other (add your details to the comment box).”][contact-field label=”Comments about BlockChain, or event suggestions.” type=”textarea” required=”1″][/contact-form]