A Message to Top Owners- Rationing is Coming

But, alas, you likely have a consultant who solves your problems. They don’t have it covered. None of them.

PwC, they’re among the best in the world, this is the best thinking on healthcare we have, your consultant isn’t any better or doesn’t have better resources. Yet, what’s happening and what they’re telling us is the same old, same old. This is what scares me and it should scare you. There is no, none, zilch, notta, creative bone in these people’s bodies. If there was, I wouldn’t be the only one telling you what I’m about to say (my coming white paper has the answers). I’m not disparaging them, this is as much a wake up call for them. They will listen to you when you have your checkbook out. Try it.

If we don’t do something now, neither you, nor I will want to be healed under the system that is coming. In the end, regulators will have no choice. There will be a budget and expenses that don’t match. Economics is like gravity, the expenses will limit spending – that day is most assuredly coming. It will be rationing of care. The elite will be able to get private pay care but what about your kids, your mom, cousins, employees, favorite uncle, they all will be under the rationing system.

Consider that private pay care will not be as good as a unified system that I envision is possible and far superior to what we have now. This is where there’s truly a fix. Consider a day where research means the consumer, us, knows what is the best solution to solve a problem we might have. We know because research is thoroughly vetted. That pros and cons of research is researched, new ideas are embraced and vetted, new therapies from around the globe are tested and embraced. If the apple is the best remedy, that’s what you’ll take, not necessarily a pharmaceutical drug.

We need a better framework, we need more openness and we need to embrace innovation from anywhere, and everywhere. Look for my coming white paper.


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