FREE: LEAN Learning For Owners

I’m hoping to find 5 – Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business grads interested in learning a little about LEAN for FREE. If better is elusive, let’s up your game; and who doesn’t want that?

Who uses LEAN?

You would be surprised at how many companies use LEAN to serve their customer better. They rely on LEAN everyday to sharpen their business. Here’s a published list of just a few; Ford, Toyota, John Deere, Parker Hannifin, Textron, Illinois Tool Works, Intel, Caterpillar, Kimberley-Clark, Nike; Source: Manufacturing Global.

Over the last 70 years, Engineers developed a business structure that solves problems and sustains improvements for every industry. The process of continuous improvement helps employees and managers focus their efforts on customers. There is a lot to LEAN but Small Business Owners rarely get the opportunity to LEARN LEAN.

LEAN In Practice:

An example of a quick fix, right-sized box, reordered the flow for packing.


The format is easy, 10-30 minutes of instruction then we go to the shop floor or office to apply what we just learned. Not only do you learn something but you get to practice it yourself.

The goal is to send you home with one tool you can apply immediately.


  • Wasted Employee Time & Money (Seeing Waste)
  • Sort Out Distractions (5S Work)
  • Visual Images To Communicate (Flow, PDCA, Mapping, VM)
  • Sustain Improvements Forever (LSW)
  • Process Focus, No More Blame (TWI, KATA, Culture)

The class will cover a different topic at each meeting.

Owner Host Location

Owners host the class and get a problem solved by participants. Each class will focus on a problem the host owner and I will choose ahead of time. Participants will use the class LEAN LEARNING to problem-solve with what was taught in class. Participants will learn more deeply and the host will have a focused event to solve their problem. Learning will be fast but putting it to work and taking it back to work means the deepest learning possible with the smallest amount of time.

Now that’s a no-waste effort!

Want To Host A Class?

Can you volunteer to host? If you have a workspace big enough to host 5 people and have a problem you want to be solved, call me to get started.

HIVE Foundation Donation Option

While there’s no cost, HIVE is a STEM non-profit that would gladly accept your donation.

Not Goldman Sachs Grad?

Not a Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business grad but interested in attending, please send me a note or call.

LEAN Is The Future of Management

Change is worth the effort of change, it is why I love LEAN. Change defines life, work, and all people. Ironically, we all want tomorrow to be predictable. The rate of change in business is advancing quickly. It means disruption in that daily predictable life. What is disruption you ask? Check out Industry 4.0 for that well-detailed answer. The article quoted here is a good one, the point is preparation will require Small Business Owners to see the change coming. And, if they do see it, the Small Business Owner should embrace LEAN. The author proposes the retraining of employees as the answer and should have been more clear with LEAN as the answer.

Small Business Owners should embrace LEAN

Have you heard the phrase, “boil the ocean?” While this is true, it’s hardly the end game. How do you pick what’s next, or where to focus? I like the metaphor to describe both the size of the problem and also the number of problems Small Business Owners face. Often owners feel overwhelmed because it seems like they must “boil the ocean” to achieve the future.

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