What are ACA changes going to mean?

 Answer: More changes for businesses; it makes the case for a PEO.

ACA image
ACA image

Everyday I’m asked what’s going to happen with Obamacare/ACA now that Mr. Trump has been elected.

After reviewing in detail some of the proposals, like the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) aei-improving-health-and-health-care-online-2015 , a D.C. think tank, I’d have to say more changes are coming to healthcare. It’s hard to imagine more change than ACA but change is imminent. I shudder to think we could have more change in healthcare, we’ve had so much change since Obamcare/ACA was enacted in 2010. But the fact is, even to undo it, more regulations are needed to undo it. Continue reading “What are ACA changes going to mean?”

Hard Working Americans Trust Their Leaders

Do You Think Leaders are Making the Same Decisions You’d Make?

Link: http://www.pacificresearch.org/home/article-detail/?tx_ttnews%5Btt_news%5D=6814&cHash=b34e1ec79d3e473aab5f27222d25d467
Ordinary Consumers Are Paying For ObamaCare’s ‘Savings’

Obamacare is not “affordable” because it wasn’t intended to lower costs, only increase them (see video why). Obamacare created a way to give an insurance card to 16 million Americans. The lie was that it would save money.

As a medical economist, a veteran of rating and pricing, of more than 28 years, it’s time to consider real reforms before we leave more decisions to poor leadership. The direction we’re headed will guarantee us a healthcare system that looks like our struggling cities and schools.

Ordinary Consumers Are Paying For ObamaCare’s ‘Savings’

“ObamaCare may cost the feds less than anticipated, but it’s extracting far more from consumers’ wallets than they bargained for.  …

Meanwhile, overall health-care spending has increased drastically under ObamaCare.”

Source: Pacific Research Institute, quoting Investors’ Business Daily, April 7th, 2015, Author Sally C. Pipes. It can be found at this link: Pacific Research Institu…r ObamaCare’s ‘Savings’ 4-7-15 and from the original web source at:

When Obamacare was conceived it threatened the existence of many players in the “healthcare system.” These players gathered together to stop Obamacare from becoming law. To get the law passed and accepted by the healthcare system stakeholders, Obamacare authors provided access to all these parties to participate in Obamacare in a way that helped their position. Maybe you’d call this “bellying up to the bar.” They were afforded the opportunity to lobby their position and were offered incentives to accept Obamcare, or at a minimum not fight it. All the Stake holders got something except the American public. They were not represented and as a result they are now paying the tab in these higher rates.

Are you suspect of that this is true? If you want proof, read the law and you will find revenue that is earmarked for every stakeholder in the system who “bellied up to the bar.” If you unravel what was signed into law five years ago you will find only a token measure or two that helps Americans. And, at that, they’re only there because they made good sound bites for the public.

It’s amazing that with the intellect of so many, that so little was done.

Making the systematic changes that will make healthcare more affordable are not pie-in-the-sky ideas but ideas that will work. They will require hard work, if you want to help out, call me.

An Obamacare Article Written for CPA’s is Right On

“Choosing the right plan requires the knowledge to make the right choice.” I couldn’t have said it better.

Screen Shot 2015-03-06 at 6.08.54 AMDuring the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses classes and work I learned just how difficult it is for an owner to hear my message. It’s because when I say the word insurance, the label “insurance dude” is applied. That’s fine, except with it usually comes the connotation that I’m going to sell them insurance. It’s a logical conclusion but it would be wrong. Why?

If what I was doing was popular people wouldn’t get to that conclusion, instead they might ask, “are you selling a product or are you providing independent advice?”

The quote I found while reading an article makes my case why I’ve left the “agent/broker/consultant” world to help America do better (watch my video).

So, I’m reading an article written for CPA’s on the topic, PPACA – Obamacare. It’s a 4 page article making recommendations to CPA’s on how to advise their clients on these complicated topics: insurance markets, metal levels, pricing and benefits, government sponsored exchanges, SHOP, private exchanges, self funding, pay-or-play, employer reporting, limited networks and finally underwriting.

“numerous strategies are available to businesses as they try to make the best health insurance choices for themselves and their employees in this new regulatory environment. Choosing the right plan requires the knowledge to make the right choice.”

“Health Care Reform Essentials”, Journal of Accountancy, July 2014; Dietrich, Marks.

This statement could be the description of BenStaff’s Decoder work.

Two critique’s I have about this, first, what a great list of all the new options in healthcare, it demonstrates what I’ve been saying now since March of 2010. The very reason I built BenStaff and BenStaff’s team built the Decoder. On one hand it’s as easy as the article states. But, to optimize the right balance between taking risk (self funding) and low cost and access (limited networks) the question is, who is better suited to advise on these matters?

My team is independent, we don’t sell insurance, and we have much deeper knowledge of benefits especially healthcare. Having former underwriters we know risk and pricing in groups and individual markets, our actuarial team provides expertise to the Decoder, our CEBS specialists cover the plan in operation requirements of the DOL, HHS, CMS and the IRS. And, we encourage a businesses advisors to offer their best thinking so don’t miss something. A small businesses CPA, CFO, HR executives, attorney’s or other advisors are welcome to contribute. No one person has all the answers but we believe we’re as close to that as possible.

Our structure gives us dominance and reach into every market and option available. Overall, our Decoder is the answer to the question posed to owners and CPA’s at the end of the article, beautiful;

“Choosing the right plan requires the knowledge to make the right choice.”

I couldn’t agree more.

Physicians form group to advocate for Obamcare change

Physicians need a way out, we call them locked doc’s. These are doctors, especially primary care physicians who are being crowded out of doing their work. This sounds particularly harsh but have you asked your physician about staying in business?

This is a good article describing a physician PAC built to bring change.

“All these things are churning and it’s imperative that the subject of the ACA come up (in Congress),” Singer said. “The ACA is not sustainable. We want to play a role in influencing the agenda to make sure patients are first.”

Read more at http://www.sunshinestatenews.com/story/democratic-obamacare-supporters-doctors-are-watching

Contact us to talk more about a small course correction that would have a big impact.

Gruber Gaff raises healthcare premium

Rationing is being downplayed just as the “Gruber” economics was previously.

Gruber Gaff, his economics doesn’t get to the real economics

Screen Shot 2014-12-08 at 9.52.22 AM
Gruber Gaff Economics

Gruber disguised the true Obamacare objectives and misled the public; at least that’s what I read and hear.

If we keep focused on the Washington yelling match and taking sides the true problem and its’ solutions will continue to be disguised. The “Gruber Gaff” only serves to confuse the many problems in healthcare. No model from Gruber actually gets at the real problems of healthcare economics and that’s why the financial architect of Obamacare was never going to solve “rising Healthcare” prices.

Fighting over right or left politics may make politicians winners but the American public will pay more for their healthcare premium. Gruber is the architect;

“His real contribution, according to most former congressional staffers who actually drafted the legislation, was to provide the economic models to figure out what the impact of different choices would be—like what different levels of subsidies would cost, and especially what would happen to the mix of healthy and sick people if there was no individual mandate.”

Here’s the article; Medical Economist – Will Jonathan Gruber Top…her – POLITICO Magazine copy

Only One Alternative for the Future; “death panels”

“Medicare advisory board that the party has assailed as a death panel.”

The only solution that is possible given the lack of focus by legislators on both sides of the aisle is rationing. It’s a sad day when we consider that rationing healthcare as mentioned in, “The Hill,” article. The democrats have downplayed the death panel discussion since Obamacare’s beginning but the reality that any language is included points to the reality that Gruber, and other architects knew. Healthcare without policy reform had only one option. That was, and is, to limit costs by not allowing some services.

Americans don’t see it coming but it’s clear as a bright full moon, without our politicians joining forces against the forces pushing up healthcare costs, Americans will most certainly have healthcare rationed. American business owners, employees and individuals must begin a conversation that’s all-together different than all of what has gone before. Here’s the Politico article: BenStaff history: GOP pins hopes of dismantling ObamaCare on the courts _ TheHill