Be Connected and Grateful To God

Sunday seems to be a good day to reflect and be at peace. Something that is harder to do now in our connected world. So, why not, for a moment, stop and think about all the good that has come to you.

Me, well, I am grateful to God, he has been exceedingly good to me, my wife Linda, my 3 boys, family, and friends. We are safe, healthy and well fed, we have generously given our time, talent and treasure to help others and tried to follow him every day.

Sunday’s were joyful and peaceful

Sunday’s, when I was young, were spent with my family, Grandparents, and cousins. There was no agenda, no internet, no cell phones, no fast food, no shopping, no texts, no interruptions. The surroundings were peaceful themselves; most stores were closed, traffic was lite. It was around the world a day of rest. Yes, Sunday was a day to meander through, to enjoy, to pray, be grateful and play. We were connected but not to “stuff” but something bigger. God was present, and so was his grace, peace, and joy. I was a happy youth surrounded by family and friends. Continue reading “Be Connected and Grateful To God”

Fathers and Sons Journey With God


Encouraging Fathers and Sons in their relationship with God is a worthy endeavor. At St Joseph Church and School, a program offered to Fathers and Sons provided simple truths of faith, family, marriage and work. We compared what God offers us and what the world offers.

Father’s gave their Sons the gift of faith in a real concrete way. We provided Fathers and Sons Trusted Resources, listed below. Remember, sites you visit should be faithful to the Magisterium of the Church.

Sites I Visit That Foster A Habit of Daily Prayer:
  1. Irish Jesuits, daily prayer site,
  2. United States Conference of Catholic Bishops for Daily Readings and short video meditation:
  3. Meditation – Don Schwager:
  4. Saint of the day:
Where to find a Mass, Confession, Adoration near you:
Catholic Resources:
    • St. Andrews covenant keepers (see Don, no website))
  • Orthodox Catholic, Russia:
  • Faithfull Catholic Universities
Catholic or Christian Organizations Worth Considering:
Wonderfully Catholic Web Posts:

Great to be Catholic

Articles about the Pope continue to be positive, even enthusiastic for a new message from the Church. Pope Francis throws the doors wide open, what a great time to be Catholic. Below is a Bloomberg article quote, but first, be sure to follow Pope Francis here in the States.

Follow the Pope this week, with these links or, find the papal app for both iPhone and Android. Quick links to schedules and video:Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 5.48.31 AM

USCCB Pope visit home page

Schedule while here in America, Link

Video of the visit on demand

Pope Tracker App



Pope Francis’ Political Critics Are Missing Something Fundamental

As this Bloomberg author says, it’s not a political message, it’s a people message.

“But despite all the commentary to the contrary, to see Francis’s visit here through a political prism is to miss not only that he’s going to challenge people across the spectrum. It’s also to miss that he wants to knock down the walls of all kinds that separate people, including the walls between parties that both the Republicans and Democrats have an interest in keeping in place.”

pope francis papal-visit-2015-logo-usa-rgb



Grateful for Mom

A Birthday Card

A few years ago, the family gathered for Mom’s birthday. I read aloud the following letter. She still thanks me for the copy I gave her.

When I reread the letter, it occured to me others might appreciate it because it’s a message to all parents and children. I removed specific family names so you can insert your own family members.


A Tribute to My Mom

Moms are unique, but not unique like different, or cool, or hip, but rather, unique because our experience of our own Mom is unique to each of us. Among my siblings, the experience of my Mom is unique to the experiences we had with Mom. My relationship with Mom is different from your relationship with Mom. Continue reading “Grateful for Mom”