PEO Sales Club

Are you an Owner’s Trusted Advisor?

Then, Join the PEO Sales Club

Every business owner has trusted advisors, if you’re one, you know how important it is to recommend good, solid, well thought out, answers. HR is more than complicated and rarely done well. Many small businesses would benefit from having a PEO. But, more importantly, every small business would benefit from the process of evaluating if they need a PEO.

The PEO Sales Club has one goal:

Teach trusted advisors how to help owners evaluate their current operation and compare it to best-in-class PEO’s.

Human Resources Shouldn’t Be A Distraction

HR should be the powerhouse for profitable activities, but sadly, it is often a distraction for owners who did not get into business to run a business.

Owners often say they just didn’t know they had a problem. Pop-up problems with lawsuits, penalties, regulations, claims, fees, premiums, risk, and other unanticipated costs and wasted time make HR, benefits, and payroll a necessary, but losing proposition.

Owners Need This Advice

Your business owners need advice in this area, and you, the trusted advisor, can gain the confidence you need to know your process of evaluation is a winner. Connect with others in the Club to learn how other advisors are helping their Owner friends make better decisions.

Help your friends protect their company, hard work, and legacy.


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