Video: “2 Reasons HR Fails”

HR Problem Solvers

You won’t find two people more interested in your success or more dedicated and capable of making that happen. Watch the video to learn the “2 Reasons HR Fails.” Then, call us to get started with your improvement.

In this 3-minute video, Bob Krefski, a 20 year veteran of HR outsourcing and PEO services, tells the story that owners must hear. It will change how you think about your HR process, show what is broken, and provide two options for fixing it, fast.

Bob for HR Solutions

Bob is a seasoned HR veteran, ready for your call, he will help you determine what’s right for you.

Bob Krefski, HR Consultant 586-996-8967, [email protected] or [email protected]

Don for Lean Process Improvements

What HR issue is bugging you?

Lean continuous improvement is used by organizations every day to make improvements in all areas. Every day, organizations are improving with LEAN structured methods, it works in every industry and for all teams.

Improve HR now, or anything else that’s bugging you.

Don Watza (me), LEAN Consultant, 248-881-3310, [email protected]

Limited Business Opportunity

Beyond solving your HR problem, there is a very limited opportunity to join Bob and me as business partners to expand this message to other owners. This business opportunity is limited, don’t wait, call now.

The password for this page changes quite frequently, email Bob or myself to get the latest password.

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