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Bob Krefski and Don Watza

“2 Reasons HR Fails” Discovery Video

Password protected, “2 Reasons HR Fails,” video page link.

A password is needed to access the video. If Bob or Don provided today’s password use that to access the video. If you need the password, text, email or call Bob or me for today’s password.

Lean Identifies “2 Reasons HR Fails”

LEAN continuous improvement techniques have been around a long time, we put to work “LEAN root-cause analysis” to make a simple HR discovery. 

In the video, we share the HR discovery and “how-to” advice for improving HR. There are two ways to permanently eliminate HR headaches, neither of them embraces the status-quo. If you’re tired of HR overwhelm then join us in changing how small business does HR.

Your HR Problem Solving Team

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Don Watza (me), LEAN Consultant, 248-881-3310,