Do You Prefer Cause or Effect?

A Conscious Choice

Recent projects I’ve undertaken have required a great deal of understanding cause and effect, planning, workflow, processes and putting to work LEAN. I searched what it means to be a “detail person.” Continue reading “Do You Prefer Cause or Effect?”

Wealth, Power, etc.

Joy To Your Day

Worldly things we seek like wealth, pleasure, honor, power, fame are not lasting. Once obtained, there’s always the next thing we seek. While there may be happiness or joy in buying a boat, car, cottage, or other luxuries the joy or happiness is likely only temporary. Tell me you’ve had that happen, you’ve worked toward something, achieved it, and then found out, there was something else.

“Why do I have three super bowl rings and think there’s still something greater?” Tom Brady

Continue reading “Wealth, Power, etc.”

Daily Dose 3-17-18

Daily Reading:

ONE – Readings

A man’s conscience,

formed when he’s young, belongs either to God or to the World. That is, an adult man serves money, fame, power, and honor or serves God and others. And more, that same man, if found to be a father of children will teach his children what he learned when he formed his conscience. He will teach his children the Godly way or the worldly way. Continue reading “Daily Dose 3-17-18”

Paradise For Ever

A Friends Passing

Brian was a 4th grade buddy who past away in 1971. We played together at lunchtime and sat near each other in class. When he passed away from cancer I remember being confused. Death wasn’t something I understood. As life unfolds there are plenty of moments where thinking of death is normal, yet, our world tells us something different.

Stuck in the Worlds Web

The world doesn’t want us to be bothered with death, ours or anyone else’s. The world wants you to have all the distractions in life, this way you won’t focus on what’s really important. Continue reading “Paradise For Ever”