Owners Health Initiative

American Healthcare – Where are we headed?

Dear Owner,

I have observed thousands of companies, just like yours, purchase healthcare coverage for their employees using the current “healthcare system.” You, and the american public are part of a system that, by design, will continue to fail you. There’s no one, and nothing, in the current system that is a “trend bender,” kicking the can down the road without relief is a bleak future. If you believe America can do better, continue.

My name is Don Watza, and I am thirty year veteran of medical economics who has studied employer healthcare purchase decisions. As a fellow business owner of 15 years, I share your concerns about healthcare costs and its impact on your business, your employees and the outlook for America.

There is an escape from the vicious cycle of unproductive, unchecked annual increases in healthcare costs. In my practice, I have been a dedicated advocate for owners in negotiating healthcare costs, at the urging of a friend and former professor, I did some research. I wanted to prove or disprove an innovative solution I explained to my professor. The solution it turns out, and you will learn, is intuitive and quite straight forward. Examining history and in particular economics the solution can be implemented by every owner. There is immediate relief plus a long term strategy. Did you just say, finally, or, are you thinking impossible?

At personal sacrifice, I created this message tailored for owners; blunt, fast paced, accurate and thoughtful. You won’t be disappointed. Unfortunately this is not a message for your staff, this is an owner only discussion. I have nothing to sell except that you can do it.

You are one owner in a community of owners who provide for the health and livelihood of 90 million Americans and collectively will spend $1.3-$2 Trillion this year alone on a system that needs, and wants your input. You, an owner, must take the lead on this national issue before it’s too late. It is possible to reverse the trends, but not without your action.

Attend a CEO training session and you will learn;

  • How the current system will never lower cost, despite the experts telling you, “they’ve got the answer.”
  • What has been making medical trends rise so much faster than the CPI for decades.
  • That “bending the trend” can happen, and how you can be part of the solution.

In a fast pace 2 hour group presentation, you will learn exactly what economic factors led us to our present situation and how you can take charge in order to return common sense to our healthcare system. You can implement the takeaways yourself or you can ask for help from my staff (again, this is not a sales pitch, you will walk out with answers). You have more power than you think but you can’t do it alone. Together with your fellow owners (please share this) and a healthy dose of elbow grease (it won’t be easy) you can make a lasting difference in America.

If I’m correct, this will be the best two hours you’ll spend this year. You will have a path forward that gives you control over your future. If I’m wrong, the worst that happens, you will meet other owners who share your concern and learn some things you didn’t know that will pay for your time to attend.

I urge you to attend and engage; you’re the hope for America.


Donald J. Watza, CEBS
President & CEO
BenStaff, Inc.

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