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Okay, I’ve never been at a WordCamp but I am a weekly WPTavern listener. I feel plugged in even if I’m not really connected to other WordPress users.

Financial Service Industry Process Discussion

I’m a veteran of the processes used in the financial services industry, from payroll to pension. As I follow blockchain closely I see an opportunity to copy how WordPress has used open-source to further the democracy of publication and copy/paste for Blockchains future. That is, Blockchain must be in the public domain as open-source processes.

Today, financial service firms own the exchange of assets, but the democratization of asset exchange for consumers will happen when open-source does hit financial services.

Blockchain is Democratization of Asset Exchange

I’d be happy and eager to produce a short talk generating interest in pushing this idea into developer land. This moves asset exchange into the hands of individuals. I follow Reddit on Healthcare Blockchain at this link.

Future State Includes WP

I’d be offering how financial service organizations use processes and workflows today, how economics and currency underpin these transactions. Then, show one version of the future state of those flows under a democratized asset exchange world with WordPress developers in charge.

This discussion is necessary and a perfect fit for the ecosystem of WordPress. I’d love to do a talk at WordCamp Detroit.

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