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There are many ways to think, and thinking has been around as long as us humans have been around. But, has our thinking improved? I’m seeing hope in watching teams who are dedicated to LEAN and improved thinking. These teams are using KATA as a method to learn to think scientifically, differently, unemotionally. KATA is how to learn scientific thinking.

Ways To Think

There are many ways to think. The range spans quiet reflection to the imagination and even letting our minds wander. But, if thinking is what humans are able to do, and if we see ourselves as enlightened why is there such acrimony on youtube? It appears to me that we are thinking less. The lack of conversation, and so much yelling, it appears, at least to me, emotions dominate our thinking.

No More Jumping-to-Conclusion

We might stop ourselves the next time we jump-to-a-conclusion, that is when we have an emotional reaction or a non-thinking reaction to something. We all know, jumping-to-conclusion or having an emotional reaction rarely produces a good result.

Lowest Form of Thinking

I like to say, emotions are the lowest form of thinking, generally, emotions ignite positive or negative feelings, and today, psychologists can tell us how feelings work. That is emotions are linked to hormones and all the science that’s been studied in the last 50 years. Yet, in the end, emotions are a poor way to think.

KATA, Scientific Thinking

I would propose the opposite of emotional thinking (lack of thinking) is an option whose time has come. We should improve our thinking and there is a tremendous amount of thought and experience that reveals KATA to be a way to transmit thinking in a way that might make the world a better place.

Better Thinking Leads to Happiness

I’m relatively new to LEAN but in that short time, I’ve witnessed hundreds of workers improve their work and level of satisfaction and happiness. They have taken to simply thinking better, improving processes, and getting results. And, that makes a much better world for our children and everyone’s future. KATA is the latest and best-in-class thinking applicable to personal relationships, families, friends and of course, at work. Try it, it’s free.

FREE access to learn KATA, Try It.

Scientific thinking is being taught, it’s a LEAN tool called KATA. Want to learn KATA, it’s free, start here: https://www.katatogrow.com/

Where does this all come from? Check out Mike Rother, University of Michigan, http://www-personal.umich.edu/~mrother/Homepage.html

Helping Where You Need Me

As a LEAN thinker, and doer, I love helping teams change their thinking to make improvements that seem impossible. What do you want to improve?

Let’s chat about how I can help you improve, no matter the size of the challenge.

KATA In Leslie’s ClassRoom

A few pictures of the first two classes. It was a fun day, students were engaged and learning occurred. There will be some follow-up. Leslie, the teacher, commented,

“that was so easy.”

Leslie, High School Teacher

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