Stop: BlockChain?

We should stop advancing development on Healthcare Blockchain until we can clearly outline what good looks like. I hardly think automating the current legacy Healthcare system is a good idea. If you’ve spent a day around Healthcare then you know improvement opportunities exist everywhere.

When I review the latest in Healthcare Blockchain I find mostly “Same-old-same-old” being proposed as the future of Healthcare Blockchain. Can you imagine automating the way you pay for insurance, healthcare services, prescriptions? Imagine the same bad methods being used for Medicare and Medicaid. By some estimates, 20-30% of the cost is consumed non-value added activities.

Blockchain is the best technology has to offer for the next many decades. But, this will not, is not, the evolution of Healthcare that I want, and it’s unlikely you want some antiquated 1980’s healthcare thinking to be automated into Healthcare Blockchain. Yet, in the publicly available spaces where open-architecture can be found there is little evidence for new evolutionary thinking in Healthcare.

LEAN On Healthcare

What does my new found love for LEAN have to say about Healthcare Blockchain? Plenty. Imagine a future where you’re healthcare is 100% connected to you. Makes sense doesn’t it? No matter who you are or the needs you have or don’t have the Healthcare non-value add world would be simplified from the bloated bureaucracy we all accept today.

LEAN is straight-forward about examining the truth of the current state. The current state is simply what is happening now. What evidence or facts are available today. We don’t move to solutions until we understand what currently is happening. In Healthcare this is a daunting task. Consider how you feel when you have an ailment of an unknown kind? Or, worse, consider when you’re loved one has an ailment of an unknown kind.

This idea? Well, to start LEAN is all about starting with the truth. So, what’s the truth about healthcare? Can you say the customer first?

In the past 6 years, I have written on the pitfalls of our current Healthcare system. I’ve done videos on the way Healthcare is not actually a system at all. But, no one in Healthcare that has a stake in the existing “Healthcare system” cares about this. It sounds harsh, but it’s obvious to me, and it shows up in many ways in the articles I’ve written.

What’s The Next Move?

The next step is to refocus Healthcare on the patient and physician relationship. To remove barriers to that relationship. What are barriers? Here’s a shortlist of items I’ve written about:

I’m super interested in blockchain, I expect we’ll all look back in 15 years and wonder why we do this before?

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