Presence, Prayer, and Peace

Presence, Prayer, and Peace

No one can take God’s love from us, or his peace, or his joy. His grace is an amazing gift. How is it then that love, peace, joy and grace are hard to hold onto when we do have it? 

When we seek God in every moment we can be assured of love, peace, joy, and grace. But, when, in a single moment, we stray away from God as our all, then we let go of his love, peace, joy, and grace.

What is that moment? To be present, it is to live in the moment, life is only in this moment and God is in this moment. The moment is the choice to be present in each moment, to pray and ask God to be with you in this moment.

WWJD is a question on a wrist-band. It is the question, “What Would Jesus Do?” The answer is, He chose virtue in every moment. He lived the virtues direct our choices to be holy, to be focused on God.

But, we let Love, Peace, Joy, and Grace leave us by missing the opportunity, in the 25,000 decisions adults make daily, to choose virtue. 

Instead, we entertain poor thoughts that aren’t of God, or maybe we seek something the world offers as a substitute for God, or the worst, we have so much distance from God that the evil one finds a home in our heart. 

Do you want to know God’s will for you? It is easy, in every single moment choose virtue and reject evil.  

2 thoughts on “Presence, Prayer, and Peace”

    1. Choosing virtue is the hardest thing. It means you have to say no to Human pride, envy, anger, avarice, sloth, glutiny and lust. Not to mention it often means pushing away from honor, power, pleasure and wealth.

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