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“Always-On” Helping Your Humanity?

Let me connect a collection of thoughts about Catholic, Lean, workplace violence, faith, respect for all people, economics, and the triple “P” I call it “Lean respects all [email protected]”. It is related to this Wall Street Journal Article about “always on”. https://www.donwatza.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/How-to-Disconnect-From-‘Always-On’-Work-Culture-WSJ.pdf

This is a great article and ever so true about the differences between Americans and Europeans. A Belgium customer said to me, “Americans live to work and Europeans work to live,” this has stuck with me.

Lean Is About Respect

I’m studying (graduate school at OU) and using Lean because it balances the demands of the American workplace. For a moment, I want to pile on, its worse than just “Always-On.” There is a well-documented increase in workplace violence from stress, competition, pay, overwork, “always on.” These cultural norms often create conflict because those pressures can push out the respect people should receive in the workplace. What I like about Lean is its core belief that every employee deserves respect. The Lean idea of respect matches the cultural norms of today for diversity, and fairness, women’s rights, fair pay, etc., we all have value and worth. this is why I say, “Lean respects all [email protected]

Workplace Violence Is Opposite Respect

A couple of years ago I wrote about violence in the workplace because I find it so disturbing. Specifically, because violence opposes any recognition of human value. My goal is to engage owners and boards who shape workplaces to use Lean to create respectful workplaces where they don’t exist today. The article link is below.

Catholic Teaches Respect

My orientation is one of faith, Catholic specifically, my respect for people comes from my faith and belief that every human is created with the same dignity, that each is made in God’s image and beauty. We all have an intrinsic value that no other person can, or should, take away. Lean is a way to express the dignity of humans at work because Lean respects all [email protected]

Humans as Economic Tools

Today, the workplace sees humans as economic tools, that is, companies use and dispose of humans for economic purposes alone. This is completely opposite, “Lean respects all [email protected]

In my belief system and thinking, as an economist by training and work, it’s obvious to me that economics can either breathe life into teams and organizations (grow and share) or if/when economics is abused (selfishness at any level) it sucks the life out of those same teams and organizations.

If Lean is done well it always includes economic realities and work, this is why I say, “Lean respects all [email protected]” A small business owners investment and contribution is disrespected when employees don’t understand the value of the owner contribution. Using Lean tools both employees individual worth and the owners value and worth come together. This is so cool to watch when I coach teams of employees.

Global Language Is Lean

Lean is a global common language that respects all people and at the same time can balance the economic realities of things like the triple “P.” 

If you want to read my article and related items you can here, https://www.donwatza.com/catholic/consumed-by-money-sex-and-power/

By the way, in the Wall Street Journal article there were legacy, old, technologies listed, back in the day (80’s) I think I used most of them. The big phone was as much an ego trip as it was useful when it first came out. I had a bag phone in my car, crazy times.

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