Are You An Original Thinker?

A friend sent me this video and said this is so you. So, I watched the video and discovered myself saying repeatedly, I am that innovative, creative, original thinker he’s describing. I’ve always been the creative problem solver just like what Adam Grant describes.

It is funny but many of the people I enjoy visiting with and being with are like this as well.

I thought I’d share this to see if you identify yourself as fast to tackle tasks, medium or slow, as Adam describes.

Adam develops a simple narrative that explains three different kinds of people; those who tackle a job to be done now, those who procrastinate too long and those who delay getting something done enough to allow new ideas to come to mind.

I can think of a lifetime of examples that put me squarely in that happy creative middle. Until this video I thought my delays in getting something done were bad, so, it’s a bit liberating to see that some delay can actually be good ; )

Although, I have some good teachers who have taught me to be a “DIN” man myself when the opportunity requires it I can easily pause and think more deeply.

Are you innovative, are you a change agent? Watch this video and see where you fall then let me know. Or, after watching it post a comment and  make me and other readers guess which one you are.


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