FREE: Team Problem Solving Lunch & Learn

LEAN & Problem Solving, a Perfect Way To Spend Lunch With Your Team.

Learn lean

Over lunch, with your team, at your place of work, let’s solve a problem and learn LEAN.

why LEARN lean?

Join the worlds most successful companies who  use LEAN continuous improvement to sharpen their business, people practices, and customer focus; Global brands like; Ford, Toyota, John Deere, Textron, Intel, Nike, Caterpillar, Fedex, UofM Hospital,  Delta Airlines and many more.

Lunch and Learn Setting:

In 90 minutes, we will find a problem to solve, teach a LEAN topic, and apply the solution.

You Provide:

We need a room where the team can gather to problem solve and have lunch. It should be a room with easy access to where the problem exists.

In 90 Minutes, This Is What Happens

3 steps:

  1. Agree on a problem to solve and go see it.
  2. Learn a LEAN methodology that fits the problem.
  3. Use the methodology to solve the problem.

Do you need ideas for a problem to solve?

  • Safety Concerns
  • Product Returns
  • Customer Complaints
  • Poor Quality
  • Poor On Time Delivery
  • Long Lead Times
  • Employee Morale & Drama
  • A/P & A/R Issues
  • Wasted Employee Time
  • Production Distractions
  • Work-space, work-flow
  • Not Delighting Customers
  • Regularly Over-budget

What’s in it for you?

  1. Join millions of others who’ve started their LEAN journey the same way.
  2. Solve a real problem.
  3. Expand the capabilities of your team to solve the next problem.

Is it Really Free?

And saves time

Let’s agree a sales meeting can be a huge time waster. By eliminating the sales meeting and solving a real problem; your time is not wasted.

And eliminates sales mysteries

For me, doing a project instead of a sales call is more fun. Plus, it eliminates sales mysteries by making it easy for you to “see” the value of working together.

Future projects

If you like problem solving with LEAN and me, we can agree on a next project. Together we can agree on how to meet your expectations for cost and value.

Connect To Schedule:

Contact me:

  • Email: [email protected]
  • Text: 248-881-3310
  • Call: 248-881-3310
  • Message: using
  • Message: using Twitter: @djwatza
Why HIVE’s image?

It’s a non-profit helping STEM students that Don supports.

Mentors, Students, and Donations welcome.

Why Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business?

It’s a small business owner education sponsored by Goldman Sachs and Babson College.

I’m an Alum from 2014.

Problem Solving Options.

I am in the Detroit area, if you’re not, connect and I can find an expert in your area.

Do you have a huge problem? No problem. I’ve built a network of the best LEAN thinkers. I’ll make the connection you need for even the hardest challenge.

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