What are ACA changes going to mean?

 Answer: More changes for businesses; it makes the case for a PEO.

ACA image
ACA image

Everyday I’m asked what’s going to happen with Obamacare/ACA now that Mr. Trump has been elected.

After reviewing in detail some of the proposals, like the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) aei-improving-health-and-health-care-online-2015 , a D.C. think tank, I’d have to say more changes are coming to healthcare. It’s hard to imagine more change than ACA but change is imminent. I shudder to think we could have more change in healthcare, we’ve had so much change since Obamcare/ACA was enacted in 2010. But the fact is, even to undo it, more regulations are needed to undo it.

The strength of a PEO is its ability to manage change because it is focused on this exact task, managing change for clients is what we do. I’m currently in a benefit role at Trion Solutions. It’s in our DNA and it’s part of our specialization and expertise. A PEO shares in the obligations of an employer including facilitating healthcare; we’re a businesses partner in managing the change in regulations. We have many employers who trust us to create policy, process and procedures to manage the changes. Consider that there’s hundreds of thousands of pages of regulations that are in place today that will require regulation to change. Whether by executive order or law, the regulators who actually write the regulations must create new regulations to replace ACA.

There is no such thing as repealing Obamacare/ACA. I say this because ACA was written as micro changes to thousands of previously existing rules. Repealing ACA might require more regulation than its original enactment (however unlikely). ACA was more of an idea than a law, as such the regulators were left creating so many rules that those rules are so intrusive across so many elements of healthcare that there’s no way to “turn it off.”

For instance, there are elements that should be retained like no pre-existing conditions, no medical underwriting and keeping dependents to age 26. And, there’s elements that must go. Like, the mandate and protective role of the marketplace where reporting for everyone, including the government is over-burdensome.

President Elect Donald Trump
President Elect Donald Trump

There will most certainly be repealing of elements, but it’s unlikely Mr. Trump will keep the federal government as involved in healthcare as ACA commanded it to be. This means a reduction in federal regulations but an increase in regulations by 50 separate states.

No matter what, for small businesses, a PEO is the easiest solution to not worrying about whatever comes from more regulation. I’m sure of one thing, there’s always more change coming to small business; even with Mr. Trump.

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