Self funding down to 35 lives

In order to give more options to employers self funding has become popular. The question to ask is, do you want to be an insurance company? That’s what you do when you self fund.

Only a qualified expert, not a sales agent, should determine if you should self fund healthcare. This is a quote from a carrier promoting self funding down to 35 lives.

“also reduced the size of the groups for our Self/Shared Funding products down to 35 enrolled.  We made these changes in order to give you alternatives to your clients who are not able to keep their current plans.  I want to work with you and assist you as best I can to transition these groups to {his insurance company} and make it as easy and seamless as possible.”

Self funding is an awful idea for small employers, do you really want the liability of being an insurance company? Know before you go by calling in our team to evaluate all your options. The Decoder will help you see the downside, or upside, of self funding.