Healthcare, Trumpcare Won’t Lower Your Premium

Experts have had 40+ years to solve it

It seems to me, the Americans suspended their worry about Healthcare premium hoping Trump and his experts will fix it. They won’t. The experts, right or left, can’t solve Healthcare because they refuse to examine their own practices. Experts always point to others to change instead of themselves. Sound harsh? Maybe it is, for more than ten years I’ve been saying the same thing in a variety of ways.

Watch the “Crisis” video linked below and or read my comments on the AEI paper linked in the image below. These two favorites deserve highlighting.

Healthcare Solve

The Healthcare solution we seek (and is available) will never come from government, insurers, hospitals, pharma or other experts. It will only come when the everyday person says, we’ve had enough. I’d like very much to be part of that conversation because I can be that spokesperson for the everyday person, you.

Video Overview of Our “Closed System”

AEI, the latest from experts and It’s Not The Answer EITHER

AEI, all they produce is more of the financial shell game. I was introduced to this paper before it was published, it became a big piece of President Trump’s campaign on changes to Obamacare. Neither Obamacare or Trumpcare is on target. Why? Here’s a clue, it’s not a financial problem.

AEI, Trump’s idea people wrote 70 pages of the financial shell game. Just read my notes on this PDF.

There is a much better way, but the everyday person has to get involved. Talk to me about your role, get involved. Add your comments.

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