President Trump ACA Order

What does undoing ACA look like with this Order? Here’s the first stab at it from President Trumps first days Executive Order. In a word, he loosened the expenses tied to ACA. He then encourages Federal regulators to provide flexibility to the States plus encouraging interstate commerce.

I’m not alone in my view, but many of us have been saying ACA is too broad to be undone with the stroke of a single pen. What President Trump has done is given instruction for the regulators to make the changes needed. He’s given them a very broad framework to work within, but it’s not a roll-back because that’s not possible.

Republicans knew in 2015 that ACA was too massive to be undone in one effort. This order directs regulators to make the changes individually in the elements of the law that are costly and under their guidance.

I liked a SHRM article on the topic, here’s a link.

SHRM: How Trump’s First Executive Order Could Affect Employer Health Plans
Federal agencies might ease some reporting and coverage requirements

SHRM author Stephen Miller, CEBS, writes in more detail but is speculating about the Regulator’s implementation. For example, He says it is not clear if employers are included in the Order. If you read the plain language of the Order, I’m confident you will see that when President Trump wrote, “purchasers of health insurance” he meant employers. So, I like the SHRM article but don’t jump the gun with any celebrations or changes just yet.

It’s just too soon to know what’s going to happen.

For me, there’s no telling how fast or slow, where and how much, the change will occur. State and Federal regulators will be working to define what and how this will have an impact in the coming months.

What I can say for sure is change is in the air, again.

What did the executive order say (in brief)?

1) waive, or grant exception from Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) that would impose a burden, cost, fee, tax, penalty on individuals, companies, governents.

2) provide greater flexibility to States and cooperate with them in implementing healthcare programs.

3) encourage free and open market in interstate commerce for the offering of healthcare.

You can read the Trump Exec Order 1/20/2017 – ACA here.

It is Financial only with no Health Conversation.

The conservative platform, just like the liberal one, is a financial reform. What’s needed is a health reform. Consider that conservative think tanks write about financial reform just like the 75 page paper from the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) who wrote in 2015, “Improving-Health-and-Health-Care.” I worked through the document desperate to find health. Sadly, this AEI documents talking points are found in President Trump’s campaign talking points omits, just like liberals necessary reforms. It is void of real health reform. Have a glance; I’ve made it easy with notes and highlights to guide you.

Have a glance using the PDF link to their document with my notes to guide you. I made it easy with notes and highlights.

My hope is we’ll move on to more important health reforms to better America. See my white paper for more and watch for the book on the same.

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