OSHA Says Use Any Bathroom You Want

“New guidance issued by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires all employers to allow transgender employees the use of bathroom facilities consistent with the gender identity with which the employee identifies”
These are certainly times no one expected when I was a youth. This is worth a quick read from our friends at Dykema. Regulations are thick with mandates like this, but no one pays attention until it’s too late. Most people ask me why, or how, this becomes a regulation. I’d have to say it’s simply the push from the media to make public policy. This is how 1.7% of the population can influence who you will be sharing the bathroom with.
I have great compassion for those who elect a transgendered state and how complicated it is for them. Unfortunately, we don’t discuss the negatives of these choices.
Also, article archived here: Dykema OSHA gender bathrooms alert-519.