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Catholic Business Owners

The NEW AHP regulations created to fit President Trump’s Executive Order make it possible to create a Catholic Buying Trust. This provides owners a way to control what they pay for in healthcare.

This is the biggest news in benefits since ERISA. Small business owners can keep their firmly held beliefs (respect for all Human life), follow their conscience, offer the Dignity of the Human Person in their Healthcare plan, and own the ability to choose how to lower cost. Perfect!

Catholic business owners and any other owners with similar convictions can leverage their common interest with other owners to join together in an AHP Trust to eliminate paying for abortion-related services and pharmaceuticals and have the platform to control other meaningful changes to healthcare.

Most owners don’t think about what’s in their health plans that compromise their conscience because of conflicts with Church teaching. Yes, abortion is one of many conflicts but it is singularly the one worth putting together the Catholic Buying Trust.

Sister Carmela and I have been talking about this concept since we met. She is running my old agency and says financial services is her mission field (financial services definitely needs what a Nunn can fix). Together, we share a love of Christ and want to stop selling policies that are expensive and compromise what the Church teaches. We’re the perfect fit, my actuarial and detail skills, and her Trust in Him. If you are interested in supporting this effort in any way please contact us. If you’re a current professional in and around healthcare or its financing let’s work together to make this happen.

AHP Highlights

  • The rule expands the definition of “employer” allowing small-business owners, their employees, sole proprietors and other self-employed people to join to buy health insurance plans. The increased bargaining power can lead to lower prices and more cost-effective coverage — this can result in lower premiums for employees.
  • The DOL affirmed that “commonality of interest” is still the measurement used to determine eligibility, however that has been expanded to include geography within a state in addition to common business interest (same trade or business)
  • An association now can be formed for the sole purpose of offering an association health plan to its members
  • Highlights copied from, Employee Benefit Advisor, here:

Links To DOL Documents

DOL, the definition of “Employer” under Section 3(5) of ERISA — Association Health Plans:

Federal Register PDF of the DOL AHP final regulation for download

Let’s Do This

I work on projects and this is a project I want to promote to help small business owners. Reach me to talk about your interest in promoting Catholic values in your health plan by leveraging many Catholic business owners. If you want to put this together contact me.

This is a construction project that will take a few months to build but if we start now, this could be a reality by January 1st, 2019.

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