ACA: Continuous Change for the Industry

Recently, at a conference, the speaker explained how the status quo, the new normal, is overwhelm. In their experience, ACA has brought about 4 years of tremendous change,

Screen Shot 2014-08-26 at 9.59.25 AMand more change is on the way. They identified with industry professionals and explained, “it will be another couple years before a calm can set in.” Constant change is exhausting. It is our experience these comments are true across all stakeholders in healthcare. Everyone is struggling with the new law and its ongoing changes.

Our “Employer ACA Decoder” can really help with understanding in a non-sales environment what options are available and evaluates them using an apple to apple comparison.  Based on financials alone, it recommends next steps.

BenStaff Employer ACA Obamacare Decoder
BenStaff Employer ACA Obamacare Decoder

Here’s a picture of a Decoder, it’s a booklet with helpful guidance all in one place with personalized commentary about all the new options for an employer.

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