America’s State Religion

Truth is something that I love, I have searched for all my life. It’s easy to find but in our culture, you have to work at finding it. But, the grace, peace and joy it brings is, or has been, worth the long search. I came across this Catholic Answers article. Give it a read, it’s a short article that puts simply an answer to the question, “What if Catholicism is True“. Finding this article the morning after watching a movie called, “Liberating a Continent: John Paul II and the Fall of Communism” brings together a few thoughts about America’s State religion.

Lyric from It’s My Life

I have heard this phrase often, especially more lately, “What’s true for you, and what’s true for me.” It’s how our youth are being taught. It comes from decades of teaching there is no truth. This phrase, The Truth, Catholic, the movie all come together in this short post, keep reading; if you can handle the truth.


This “What’s true for me,” is also what leads to the selfishness that is on display, it is the silly notion that “freedom means I can do what I want.” Our kids, my kids have been taught, there is no truth, if not in school, it’s everywhere in songs, readings, internet. I wonder, how’d we get here? We have traffic rules and no one ignores them? How do we have the exchange of money and trade and rules for economics? How do we have rules for taxes? Rules help us al get along and they exist because there is a truth about them.

Let’s not be silly, the truth is real, what’s also true, is no one wants the imposition of rules on their way of life. I have to say when Jesus says you must give up things to follow him, I most certainly agree. Wanting the truth means giving up things yourself.

Liberating a Continent, the movie

Last evening, on Netflix, we watched, “Liberating a Continent: John Paul II and the Fall of Communism.” It is a must watch for anyone interested in history, especially history about what it took for the Berlin Wall to be taken down. It tracks the personal work of Pope John Paul II from his formative years through his visits with Reagan and how he influenced the people of Poland and Europe.

The movie details how John Paul II, and the Catholic teaching on human dignity, as given by God, promoted the people of Poland and many other countries to put human dignity above Communism and it led to the famous Reagan line, “take down that wall.”

Human dignity and the Church’s teaching about it and it’s truth has stood the test of time for more than 2000 years. It is a witness that humans have more desire, more perseverance, more hope, more faith and Pope John Paul II knew this about the Human family.

america has simply deleted god

Let’s contrast what he taught compared to what I was taught, Maslow’s hierarchy was the explanation of how Human desire worked. I learned it in school. Were you taught Maslow too? Do you see God, faith, anywhere? Why did our schools turn to teaching atheism? Did they ignore faith? Really? You and I were taught at a young age to ignore faith, God was removed by the culture, teachers, leaders. Were you taught anything about God’s existence or relevance? Do you agree?

You were taught God doesn’t exist simply by his omission. If you read things like Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (below, do you see faith anywhere?). He was an atheist who didn’t teach the highest need of man was communion with God, he taught “self-actualization” or now, more evidently, he taught our culture to be all about itself.

In all of history, you can see Man’s search for God, until now. This, our enlightened age (modernity) simply ignores God. In America we simply ignore God. Religion served to promote for Man his/her place in the world, existence. We acknowledged a greater being than us. Duh, it was obvious.

At the end of the movie, Pope John warns about freedom being used for selfish desires and how that will be destructive to a culture. Hummmm, can you say America’s culture now? Why our leaders scratch their heads wondering why we have shootings? Why they cry for solutions that don’t work? Watch the movie, and ask, if we had learned the lessons Pope John Paul II taught in the fight over communism would we be better than we are now? If we cried out for faith, hope, and love would we be a better nation now?

humanity, its dignity, and divine nature

I think so. Moral Relativism has led us into the sewer of humanity!  I’m just saying, for me, it’s obvious that our own selfishness, having your own truth is as selfish as it gets. You are selfish, guaranteed. We all have it. The powerful marketing culture we live in, the culture of never enough, has no balance for religion. When Poland held up Holy Mother Church, look how Catholics in Poland became the spirit behind Solidarity and eventually the fall of Communism. He simply held up the dignity of the human person and connected a country to that message of their divinity.

Separation of Church and State = Atheism

I understand how the US wants religious freedom, I like that notion, the notion of “separation of church and state.” To me that means, the state never promotes any one religion. Think simply about how we were started, the church of England ran England and being of that church was required of it’s citizens (generalization). America wanted to be free of a state religion just like Poland wanted freedom from Communism. Communism wanted no religion for its people.

America rebelled against England for many reasons but one was to be a place where religion could flourish. God in people’s lives could flourish. But, somewhere we turned down the path of no religion, like communism. I think that America’s religion is Atheism.

Atheism is the new State Religion, do you see it, do you agree?

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