Wealth, Power, etc.

Joy To Your Day

Worldly things we seek like wealth, pleasure, honor, power, fame are not lasting. Once obtained, there’s always the next thing we seek. While there may be happiness or joy in buying a boat, car, cottage, or other luxuries the joy or happiness is likely only temporary. Tell me you’ve had that happen, you’ve worked toward something, achieved it, and then found out, there was something else.

“Why do I have three super bowl rings and think there’s still something greater?” Tom Brady

Money and Things

“The thing about money and things is that they do have this tendency to grab ahold of our heart. They do have this tendency to burrow into our hearts, and they rent space in our minds. And that’s a problem. The reason it’s a problem is because the space belongs to God.” March 20th, 2018, Lenten Reflection, Video, Matthew Kelly.

What has a hold on you? What do you search for in hopes of finding joy, happiness?

Here’s a Catholic Come Home video on the alternative vision for you.

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