Paradise For Ever

A Friends Passing

Brian was a 4th grade buddy who past away in 1971. We played together at lunchtime and sat near each other in class. When he passed away from cancer I remember being confused. Death wasn’t something I understood. As life unfolds there are plenty of moments where thinking of death is normal, yet, our world tells us something different.

Stuck in the Worlds Web

The world doesn’t want us to be bothered with death, ours or anyone else’s. The world wants you to have all the distractions in life, this way you won’t focus on what’s really important. If you focused on your own death for a moment, you might not buy the latest worldly thing. Do you need a car, boat, cottage, more money, more food, sex, or anything else when you stop and think about it?

If you’ve bought into the worldview, the lie, you might also have all the anxiety, worry, frustration, indulgence, selfishness the world also gives. The world gives us these things, not God. If you’ve been sucked in, its okay, but you can say no. Say no to, “I need more money to buy more stuff.”

Simple is better and simple starts with the truth, the lousy truth, we’re all going to depart from this planet. This seed of truth for you is necessary to stop telling yourself, or worse, your children the world’s lie.

What’s the Church Got To Say

The church doesn’t intrude in our lives as the world, pop-culture (PC) would have us believe, the church illuminates our lives and tells us why we’re here and has a plan for when death sets upon us. Holy Mother Church doesn’t say don’t buy a boat, it simply doesn’t care. God isn’t Santa Claus, really, God doesn’t care if you have a boat, God doesn’t’ care if you win the lotto, or the game, God cares that you end up with him for all eternity. This is a truth that is inescapable.

Atheists Deny death

Atheists want to sell you, and I’d argue the media, our schools, our government are in cahoots to sell the world that what the Church teaches is not true. But this is exactly backward. The basic human truth is you will perish, Atheists have no plan for that, nor the government, nor the media or our schools.

If you’re following them, you have no plan either then.

The Lie, You’re In Charge

That somehow you can control your own life, this is what Atheists, schools, media, governments are selling you. And, you’re buying it. Atheists, like Adam and Eve, put themselves ahead of God, in this way, they rob you of trusting in the truths of the Catholic teaching (and so many faith traditions). Stop looking at your life as your own, this is a beautiful Christian sentiment that’s proper and true, it also alleviates all the worlds anguish, suffering, worry, frustration, etc.

So, turn off the worldly filter, “I have to have more stuff or whatever” consider the alternative which is what God set out for you. He has a plan for you.

God’s Plan Is Better Than Your Own

Your life is not your own, you see, God has a plan, he made you a temple for himself, he gave you life, he wants you to be with him. The Church (again, many faith traditions) simply points to this truth, it says it over and over, and it says it in thousands of ways, through thousands of people.

It’s one of the most incredible truths, that down through the ages, thousands of years, it professes humanity in exactly the same way. Not the same words, but through men and women at moments in time the church gives access to God’s grace, peace and joy. This is possible regardless of our circumstances in this life.

Now that’s what I want, how about you?

Want Some Of This?

Joy, sounds too good to be true? But, it’s not too good to be true. If you’re inclined to believe the world, if you’ve been sucked into all it sells you, then the Church is irrelevant to you. You can’t have both the world first and God first. Pick one or the other. If you want God’s joy, endless, peace-filled joy, you have to choose the world or God.

As I teach Catechism, as I point to the teachings of the Church, and I hope these youthful people will see it; as I work with Dads and Sons on their Journey with God, I realize how simple what the church teaches is, and how accessible it is for anyone.

I learned to follow trusted sources, I stayed away from anyone selling something, but underneath it, their message was all about themselves (classically Atheistic). Genuine faithful people love all of what the Church teaches. They don’t pick and choose for themselves what they want to follow. You can follow writers and sites who are humble and encouraging, they truly put themselves aside so that Christ and His Church can speak on behalf of God’s interest and love for you.

Harden Not Your Heart

God tells us in scripture that people harden their hearts, to me that means, people don’t find a reason to put God first. It means for instance when you grab your phone and do emails, tweets, posts on Facebook when you wake up you choose those activities first. But, in doing so, you ignore the almighty God who deserves to be first.

If you want God in your life it’s quite simple. Give this a try, in the next moment, right now, simply say thank you to God for what you have. No matter what the world has given you, good or bad, say thank you for your life. Then get your phone and get back to work.

The Church On Funeral Services

I’m reminded and prompted to write this because of recent deaths of loved ones. I came across a Pastoral letter from Arch Bishop Vigneron that connects life and death beautifully together. It’s linked below.

The beauty of the church, the fullness of it’s teaching, and all its history makes for a peaceful understanding of life, death, and eternity. If what the church teaches is true then all of it is true. If the bible is inspired and any of its true, it’s all true. If that’s the case then God has a message for you about today, tomorrow and all eternity.

If your heart is hardened he simply waits for the day you turn to him. He will be there waiting for you.

“For those who believe in Jesus Christ, death and burial are sacred events, in which God draws very near to us and invites us to draw near to him.”

Why Do I Write About This?

Bullying at work, the economics of healthcare, family life, marriage, business processes, people are all topics of interest to me because all these are places and times where people interact with each other. And, where there’s two or more gathered God is there too.

How do you interact with your life?


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