Daily Dose 3-17-18

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A man’s conscience,

formed when he’s young, belongs either to God or to the World. That is, an adult man serves money, fame, power, and honor or serves God and others. And more, that same man, if found to be a father of children will teach his children what he learned when he formed his conscience. He will teach his children the Godly way or the worldly way.

Choosing The World
There’s an unconscious choice made early in life. In the early years of life, a young man will spend time with worldly things and will form ideas of right and wrong based on worldly rules. The world then imposes its control on the youth for a lifetime. If worldly they desire money, fame, power, honor over a Godly way of life. They’ll not know true freedom but will be choosing to follow the desires imposed on them by the world.
Choosing Godly

The opposite is true, a young man whose conscience is formed in the early years by God’s word will become Godly. They will live in the world and be a beacon of truth, beauty, and goodness. They’ll have worldly things and enjoy worldly things but only in the context of their love of God and neighbor first.

It is the rare young man who can alone choose the Godly way over the worldly way.  It is the purpose of fathers to help a son choose the Godly way and form a young man’s conscience in their son. Godly men pay dividends for their son’s lifetime, plus, their families, workplaces, and communities.

Luke 8:15
“Blessed are they who have kept the word with a generous heart
and yield a harvest through perseverance.”


What is the word this phrase is speaking of?  ________

two priorities

Life’s Godly priorities: God, your health, family, school is your work, play.

Vacation should be for play but should keep Godly priorities intact. If on vacation you lose God, you lose God in all things.



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