Youth Exhibit Virtue At Lincoln Memorial

Fake news is destroying america

Virtue Exhibited by the Youth

There was a lot of virtue exhibited by the young men in the video. By contrast, the Fake News is Destroying America with their telling of a fabricated story. This is the opposite of virtue, call it pure evil. Okay, is that too strong? But, if what they’re telling is a lie and they want to draw you in and make it attractive so you read it and believe it, and, they want you to find the emotion of hate to hate those students, isn’t that evil?

Gov. Lamm’s 2003 Prediction

There’s an old speech that has circulated around the internet for the last 15 years. It’s Gov. Lamm speaking about how to destroy America. He makes bold statements that we see come true in the terrible Media attack on Covington High School youth. On Saturday and into Sunday, the stories were everywhere condemning Covington High School for hate speech, attacking a native Indian and other terrible things. This is how the Fake News is Destroying America.

Fake News is Destroying America, Of Course.

What we see from the Detroit Freepress and other FAKE NEWS is individuals “making the news.” An Indian posing as a sympathetic figure for a “staged photo op” to draw the emotion of viewers. This is what Fake News is selling and how they’re making Gov. Lamm’s prediction for how to Destroy America come true. It’s obvious those exploiting these youth are targeting anyone with a MAGA (Make American Great Again) hat. Why? Because silencing anyone who wears that hat uses bullying and intimidation as a weapon to silence people. This Media terror is exactly what Gov. Lamm’s speech suggested.

Google Search

Google search results image on Covington Fake News Exploit.

Comparing to the virtue of the boys to stay calm (fortitude, courage) there is only greed, not a virtue, (Freepress) and ego (the Indian) whose personal interests at this time are unclear, but in a quick search, you can find he may not be a “Ranger” as he proposed. See this Don Shipley post, as quoted below. It’s unclear who or what Phillips stands for.

But, the news, without balance attacks the students before understanding why they were targeted.

“Self-described “recon ranger” Nathan Phillips was a rifleman for two days and a refrigerator mechanic in Lincoln, Nebraska and El Toro, California the rest of his service. Retired a private.””

Say No To Emotional News. Look Deeper

Was Phillips On His Own March Against “Make America Great Again?”

Read Phillips on Wikipedia and read about his Indigenous Peoples March, this is one reason he was in Washington D.C. He was looking for media coverage, where’s that in this story? Who funded his trip? He says he was helping by getting between the students and Black Hebrew Israelites . If you were helping, would you have stared down one student as he did? Hmmm.

I wrote about how we’ve let emotion rule our world in this post.

I wrote about related evil, Soros, Police killing here.

Your Son Could Be Lynched Next

The Detroit Freepress writes and promotes a media lynching, they do it along with many other Fake Emotive-News outlets. I suppose the authors would argue, but it’s clear, the Fake Emotive-News is Destroying America. Those who have watched eye-witness video of the events at the Lincoln Memorial have declared unanimously the youth did no harm and meant no harm.



Covington go fund me pageDo you want to do something about standing up to Fake Emotional News? Want to make a small dent in the hateful, bullying, intimidation and Fake Emotional News that is destroying America?

Support with even a dollar, the Go-Fund me for Covington.

Choose Virtue And Do Your Homework

I copy below the speech that has been routed below. The deadly cultural agenda pushed by the liberal Fake News sucks unsuspecting Americans into the emotion only debate. But, don’t be a follower of your emotions and their agenda reporting. Imagine you being the target next, or your son or daughter or loved one. Maybe you have been a media victim yourself?

Use that mind God gave you and look deeper. Don’t get sucked into the emotion. This requires virtue. Ask for divine wisdom to challenge what the media feeds you. If you believe the news they’ve got you where they want you.

Governor Lamm’s speech

On this page is the Lamm speech:

Here’s a written summary of the Lamm speech.

My Summary

For me, after doing the reading and searching, the  “MAGA” (Make America Great Again) hat was the target, not Catholic, Not Christian, Not pro-life. I have been at the Lincoln Memorial just as these students were. It’s common for hundreds of people to be around that memorial. So, how did these non-descript boys stand out? The hat.

The Media does what it always does. It looks for emotional, evocative stories and images, not news. See how successful they were? Put yourself in the nenewsroomIf you had to sell stories that sold advertising all day, 10 hours a day, would you do a lot of research? Or, would you do what the Fake Emotional News does? This guy, Phillips, knows the news, look at his track record on wiki. 

The imagery is too timely for the immigration and wall discussion and the imagery of a terrible Trump versus a poor Indian is very emotional. But, remove the emotion and do some detail work and your conclusion might be different. 

Trump and Borders

3 thoughts on “Youth Exhibit Virtue At Lincoln Memorial”

  1. Don, you’re absolutely right when you point out that the boys were targeted for their MAGA hats. But the hat is a symbol that means very different things to different people, like the Confederate flag (some think it stands for states’ rights, while others think it stands for slavery) or the LGBT rainbow flag (some think it stands for love and inclusion, while others think it stands for sexual immorality and degradation of human dignity). It doesn’t seem wise to fly either flag to try to spread your particular message, when a large group sees a completely different message (if you care about getting your message across).

    Similarly, if someone wants to wear a MAGA hat because he supports Trump and his policies, then he should know that he will be provoking many folks on the other side who despise Trump (some even have good reasons!). Thus, it’s a pity that the Covington boys wore their hats to the March for Life. Any hope that their witness for life at the march could turned the hearts of pro-choice anti-Trumpers would have been dashed by their provocative hats.

    Bottom line– they had every right to wear the MAGA hats, and were treated unfairly because of it, but they should have been shrewd as serpents and innocent as doves (Matt 10:16).

    1. Thanks Marko, good note. I’ve been part of the March for Life witness 7 times. It is a place that renews faith in our youth. I can’t say what motive or thinking was in Phillips mind, or the other protestors but it is plausible, there is a new agenda to target our children at March for Life.

      I say this because of the fresh, happy, healthy, openness of March for Life witnesses to the very charism of Christ, a love of all people and who they are as God’s children. The incredibly joyful event, celebrates every life, each life, including their own.

      The attack on MAGA is an attack on that very joy, beauty, happiness that these youth celebrate. They wore MAGA hats because it gives them a connection, it reflects something they believe in or about.

      As a country, we shouldn’t be outraged about any hat, MAGA included, we should be outraged that the hope expressed in “Make America Great Again” worn by our youth is bullied and intimidated and the news magnified the bullying and intimidation, just as Phillips knew they would.

      Self-expression, like wearing a MAGA hat, isn’t a virtue, there could be the wearing of evil hats, but the uplifting of all life is a virtue, marching for all life and speaking for the unborn is a virtue. The bullying and intimidation is an evil that should not be acceptable.

  2. The increase in fabricated agenda driven stories in the media has driven millions like me away from looking at any news source, from network to cable. If you can not believe the story line, then why waste your emotional capital. The Loop is my go to news source, and so far spot on for facts.

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