Trump and Borders

Here’s a well-written immigration and border article by a good Catholic source. Why is a Catholic perspective worth considering? Catholic is a way of moral thinking based in reality and truth that has stood the test of time. It always puts humans first and demonstrated that over and over again.

Here’s new information I didn’t know. DID YOU KNOW: The Secure Fence Act was originally approved by Senators Obama, Clinton…and yes, even Chuck Schumer.” This is from the CatholicVote post. In 2006, Democrats supported this act and the wall was started. Now, Trump is asking to complete the wall, the media makes it look like a new idea and blames Trump.

This is a balanced article, it provides a brief background including why Democrats oppose Trump and the Wall. It asks the right questions and provides answers, like the Bishops guidelines on the morality of protecting our borders.

Here’s the 9 minute video from President Trump asking the Democrats to negotiate this. A lot of good quotes, for instance, “all Americans are hurt by uncontrolled immigration.” He also asks why should we have open borders when many politicians have walls and gates around their own homes? Give it a listen and tell me what you think.

When I see or know of a family who is in the middle of immigration I feel terrible, how awful. But, I’d caution that the media force feeds these emotional moments because they know emotion makes for great ratings. But, emotions make for bad decisions. Lean says make a scientific, metric-based decision and it pushes away emotionally poor decisions.

Here are a few posts have themes of people over personal agendas, Government Morals, Blockchain.

I’m open to a conversation to help us make sense of this. Feel free to comment.


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