Great to be Catholic

Articles about the Pope continue to be positive, even enthusiastic for a new message from the Church. Pope Francis throws the doors wide open, what a great time to be Catholic. Below is a Bloomberg article quote, but first, be sure to follow Pope Francis here in the States.

Follow the Pope this week, with these links or, find the papal app for both iPhone and Android. Quick links to schedules and video:Screen Shot 2015-09-21 at 5.48.31 AM

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Pope Francis’ Political Critics Are Missing Something Fundamental

As this Bloomberg author says, it’s not a political message, it’s a people message.

“But despite all the commentary to the contrary, to see Francis’s visit here through a political prism is to miss not only that he’s going to challenge people across the spectrum. It’s also to miss that he wants to knock down the walls of all kinds that separate people, including the walls between parties that both the Republicans and Democrats have an interest in keeping in place.”

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