God’s Work

What does God promise you?

The Church beautifully offers daily readings, if you read the daily readings, over 3 years you read the entire Bible. In today’s readings, Saul’s faithfulness is rewarded not with profit, prosperous success, health, wealth, and security; no, today we read about the end of his life.

The promise of profit, prosperous, success, health, wealth, and security isn’t what Saul receives in the end. Being chosen, having God’s promise of life, belongs entirely to God. It is not for your benefit that he gave you life, it is for others; being chosen is giving yourself to others.

An Unworldly Reality

Imagine giving yourself to others. What would this mean in marriages, in families, in the workplace, in school, in the public square, and even in the world?  Imagine the compassionate Face-of-God bringing comfort not conflict. How beautiful if that was the reality instead of what the world offers us, our marriages, families, workplaces, etc. Do you like what the world offers you?  What if others gave themselves this same way in marriage, family, work, and in our communities?

Food For Thought

Reading for January 20th, 2018: 2nd Samuel 1:1-4, 11-12, 19, 23-27

“Is there a promise of profit and security for believers? The readings today are not consistent with that theology.” I cued the clip to start at this point in the short video. Watch it to hear it more clearly.

What’s In It For Me?

So, what should we look for as believers who trust our lives to Jesus?  To start, the WIFM is grace, peace, and joy. But, these aren’t what the world can give you. Watch the video, it starts where he explains this.

Bishop Barron’s comments on the same readings are great, they point to the world

May God’s Grace, and his Peace, and his Joy be with you today and always.




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