Holy Mother Church is Suffering

Anyone who knows me knows I love Jesus and his Church, the bride of Christ. The original article, the one true Church.

But, the crazy things people do in the world can also be found in the Church and the repeat scandal in the Church, sadly, reflects the moral changes in our culture. No surprise then, if we rid the Church of the evil that’s come into the church, we stand a chance of influencing the culture to do the same. If the Church can’t, or won’t change, then the culture will continue to devour the lives we love; our marriages, families, children, and grand-children.

Jesus gives us a choice, either let our hearts be hardened, or listen to him. It’s time to choose, it’s time to recognize the evil l that comes from within and do what has been done for thousands of years. Fast. Or, do what so many of us have done, nothing.

What Can You Do?

I was sent an opportunity to do something concrete, I like the idea of sacrifice in the form of fasting so I immediately signed up and you should too. Why? Because, unless you like how the culture, (yes, that is a thing) call it the world, provides attractive distractions and vices for your children, spouse, and yourself, you must engage in something more meaningful than the weekend game.

Sign the letter, then fast on Friday’s. Join almost 10,000 men who have signed the letter in the last 5 days (since September 5th) to seek the Lord’s healing for ourselves and our communities.

Letter opens with:

As Catholic laymen, we are faithful husbands, fathers, business leaders, lawyers, tradesmen, medical doctors, professors, teachers, artists, and leaders of Catholic lay apostolates. But most fundamentally, we are men in love with Christ and His Church, and it is for this reason that we beseech you to purge the corruption which has so grotesquely disfigured the face of Christ’s Bride.

I signed the letter and I’m asking you to sign as well. Who among us is perfect, who does not need Christ’s healing? If you sign the letter, you’re agreeing to Fast:

you agree to:

As men, we must all have the strength to seek the Lord’s healing. For this reason, we will begin with ourselves, examining our own consciences and renewing our own commitment to chastity. We will work to build up our own families, especially our sons, and our own communities. Further, the signers of this letter commit to serious and difficult fasting for the next seventeen Fridays, beginning this Friday, September 7 through the end of the calendar year.

Not Catholic but see the need to change the culture?

The Church is a reflection of what’s in the world, the evil in the Church is reflective of the evil in the culture. If you’re not Catholic, but want to offer your prayers, join in the fast.

Fasting, A Jewish Tradition for Reflection and Forgiveness

Fasting is a tradition that dates back to our Jewish roots (5,779 years ago), Rosh Hashanah finishes this evening (Tuesday, September 11th). Did you know, during this time, our Jewish ancestors used this time to reflect and ask for forgiveness for their wrongdoings over the last year? This practice continues today. I’d ask our Jewish brothers to pray for Our Church in our time of struggle that our sins be forgiven. Join the fast.

Can you See The Good That Comes From This?

I look forward to the future of goodness, beauty, and truth to be revealed once the house is in order.

Letter to Pope Francis





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