Blockchain Healthcare profit

What about Profit

Let’s jump back to Healthcare for a moment. In the section or two above, I get more broad than just healthcare. But, I do that for a reason. Blockchain is a form of currency at its core. It will be tradable like a dollar bill. But, add the contract secured in the chain to add confidence and you can quickly see how the chain will grow. More on this later.

Back to Healthcare Blockchain, I write about profit in my book, and posts,  there I mention, Dr. Arrow who wrote about Healthcare profit in 1962. He said profit will be a root cause of poor behavior by physicians in healthcare. I think we have many examples of profit over people. Blockchain can alter that dynamic.

Lest you think me a socialist, I’m a lover of economics, but greed is not good, is not a good thing in Healthcare. Profit, sure, greed not-so-good.

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