BenStaff is accepted into the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Detroit Cohort III

Screen Shot 2014-09-15 at 9.37.39 AMThe Big News today is our acceptance into the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small business Detroit program.  This is an opportunity that will propel BenStaff forward exponentially. The Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business campaign selected BenStaff and the team for the 4 month intensive training program beginning 10/10/14.

This is a 4 month intensive training program that prepares small business owners for achieving growth. They have said it is an intense amount of school work all directed at the business.

Congratulate my team for their hard work and dedication that has earned us this distinction.

Here are links to learn more about the Goldman Sachs 10k Small Business education program.

Goldman Sachs National initiative video

Goldman Sachs – Detroit

Babson College Curriculum

IRS YouTube Videos Focus on Healthcare Reform, Tax Form Changes

The name you might use to describe what individuals are getting by going to the marketplace has many different names. The tax credit, the subsidy, the pretax credit, the government hand-out, advance payments of the premium tax creditand other names.

Screen Shot 2014-09-10 at 9.42.04 AM

Employers and advisors should take notice that the IRS is the final decision maker about how much someone gets by way of the “final” tax credit. If you’ve advised someone to take a tax credit, if someone has premiums that are being paid by the government this article and youtube video’s are for you.

New IRS YouTube Videos Focus on Healthcare Reform, Tax Form Changes.

“For most people, filing their returns in the spring of 2015 is going to be fairly simple – with regard to this issue, and that is they’ll simply check a box indicating that they have qualifying insurance or they’ll indicate that they’re eligible for an exemption. Otherwise, they’ll calculate their shared responsibility payment and add it to their tax return,”

IRS Commissioner John Koskinen

Your customer who loses some or all of their premium payment from the government will find out when they owe taxes 4/15, or audit someday afterward.


Healthcare Owners Initiative

James Argue, a summer intern for BenStaff, did a lot of the grunt work to develop the 2 hour conversation we hope to have with owners. Frank Cardimen pushed for a message to help the American Healthcare system based on a conversation he and I had.

He learned that there are plenty of hidden costs and cost influences that don’t help Americans or explain the cost of healthcare.

We’re eager to get this news out to all owners and we’d like to fill a room for what should be a lively discussion.

Make sure you register if you’re an owner so we can communicate our presentation dates.

Consulting firms are reaping the benefits

We are trusted by some of Michigan’s largest agencies, brokers, consultants, carriers, etc. to provide independent, 2nd opinion and analysis to their clients. Trust us to provide the same to you.

The number of combinations and permutations has mushroomed.

Everyone is selling a product, but us.

“Major benefit consulting firms, such as Aon Hewitt, Mercer and Towers Watson, are investing significant funds and management resources to develop private exchanges themselves.”  Health Insurance Exchange, March 4th, 2014

The number of combinations and permutations available as alternatives for employers has mushroomed in the aftermath of ACA. Everyday, a better mousetrap is announced; not just agents, brokers, consultants as noted in this quote but so many others; carriers, third party administrators, technology companies, hospitals, the government, just about everyone has a new solution. Choices and complexity has never been greater, and the stakes never higher.

Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 8.25.13 AM

Unlike the long list of new solutions BenStaff is solely focused on providing clear, beneficial decision information to help you make the right choice for your plan sponsor and beneficiaries.

We welcome the innovation and new solutions being touted, but in anytime of change, clear thinking, uninfluenced thinking is a must.

We are trusted by some of Michigan’s largest agencies, brokers, consultants, carriers, etc. to provide independent, 2nd opinion and analysis to their clients. Trust us to provide the same to you.

Get started with a call to Don today, 248-881-3310.


A short quote from a frustrated customer trying to get into the government website.

A short quote from a frustrated customer trying to get into the government website.

Here’s an email I received today about the Obama care site and my response,

“I’ve been working towards obtaining a new quote for coverages for my family through the Michigan Obamacare website, but haven’t gotten ANYWHERE in spite of spending over 3 hours on it over a series of a few weeks.  When I finally “chatted” with someone they told me the verification system was down, they have no idea when it will be available, that I’m unable to complete an on-line application and suggested I file a paper application.  When I finally found the link to the paper application, it wouldn’t print . . . on any of my printers . .  Don, do you have any suggestions?”

My reply, “Yes, I have a complete list of all policies in an excel file. It’s not an answer but a simple place to start. We can meet to discuss by phone, or in person. George or Andrea will help get the paperwork completed.”

No one expects the government site to be up for months, its hard to say for sure and with 1/1 coming soon we should just act on what we can help you with now, when and if it comes up, you can work with us on what’s online and get our services afterward if you have claim issues.”

Happy to help in anyway I can.