About HIVE Foundation.org

Hands-On Incubator for Vocational and Emerging Engineers

HIVE is changing its mission! Our new mission will be defined after we listen to our student customers. We are in the process of asking students and those involved with students about their needs.

Using engineering and continuous improvement processes to “see by listening” to the thinking and doing of students with aspirations. The goal is to learn from real stories and find opportunities to improve the number of students in STEM careers or alternative careers that help communities thrive.

We welcome interviews from people from all walks-of-life whose personal stories offer hope and encouragement. We are listening to today’s students, parents, mentors, teachers, organization’s employees, and community volunteers who are living and working with students to share real stories of daily life.

Take a sneak-peak at the Video Stories in the HIVE Hope Playlist here.

We will return to www.HIVEfoundation.org as our mission comes into view.

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