About Don

I am an employee benefits specialist focused on better management and compliance of healthcare and retirement plans. Employers do not spend much time thinking about benefit compliance or new ways of saving money. They depend on internal administrative staff who are not benefit experts; this exposes them to problems they don’t know they have with compliance and or excessive spending.
Employers appreciate targeted projects that build better processes for staff, reduce fines and penalties and or control costs.
Some consider me a crusader for employees and their benefits, consider:
  • Healthcare has silos; see the healthcare system video.
  • 401k’s replaced pension retirement plans by mistake.
  • Advocating for working Americans and their employers can include being a professional fiduciary (see what this means) challenging the status-quo.

When I go to work on anything my goal is to make those I work with happy.

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Life is short, be happy,

Donald J. Watza, CEBS Fellow