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Follower of Jesus as a faithful Catholic. By the grace of God, married to Linda 31 years and father of 3 boys. Brother and Uncle to more than 60 Watza’s and friend to many.

Faith in God and grateful for the hope he promises of eternity with Him. The goal of my life is to get myself and anyone else interested to heaven. Animated by my faith in God, and his love of me, I hope to share God’s grace, peace and hope with others.

I am grateful I grew up learning the virtues like respect, loving all people, hard-work, and faith. These values have provided the road map to a great life. I share these old-fashion values to offer an alternative to the crazy busy world that sets out expectations for individuals, families and workers.

I naturally want better, not just for myself, but for everyone.

Lean @ Work:

I love the surprising results that come from helping others. A great joy of mine is helping Leaders, Owners, Boards, and Teams of all kinds solve problems.

So, what is LEAN? LEAN is an Engineering system for Management that’s not taught in management school.

Using LEAN, teams, especially their leaders learn to solve problems differently. LEAN is a 100-year-old proven thinking-system-technology that gets results. It starts with a respect for all people, it encourages an examination of truth, it faces realities as challenges, it uses strategy & goal setting, it reveals customer needs, it builds daily work and accountability, it naturally encourages improvement through self-correction, it produces results, and finally, LEAN builds a learning culture.

[email protected] is to recognize that Human work should respect the dignity of the person. LEAN and faith go together naturally as both appreciate our human purpose here as temporary and does not allow work to reduce a person to merely an economic tool but rather gives work meaning.

Our humanity should not be abused, but instead, each person’s heart, mind, soul, and strength should breathe life into our families, organizations, and communities.

Don Watza YouTube Channel

I use LEAN to systematically improve in many ways. Visit the Youtube channel for these playlists:


Site Content

This site, www.DonWatza.com is a collection of thoughts on humanity, faith, business ownership, economics, HR auditing, and LEAN. It might seem like an eclectic collection but the framework, or why I write, is focused on reality, that is truth. When we face reality and eliminate mysteries in thinking and doing the results can be amazing.

What you will find here are things that reveal a truth about our humanity and the reality of living that truth as beautifully broken humans.

I enjoy writing it, I hope you’ll enjoy following it.

Cheers, Don