About 4 Your Benefit, LLC

A behind the scenes discussion with owners and agents:

4 Your Benefit is an insurance agency started in 1998, the agency is being run by Brian Evanson. This was my agency and as BenStaff is now 100% of my focus, Brian is running 4 Your Benefit. BenStaff serves Brian as it serves other agents. Check out our agent recommendation page on BenStaff .com. Talk to me about being endorsed by BenStaff.

A note to agents, we regularly partner with other agents who endorse BenStaff and our independence for clients. Agents, like Brian and many others, recognize the value of the Decoder and BenStaff independence for their clients.  They understand the value of independence for their clients because a second opinion and unfiltered view always reveals opportunities that may have been missed. Group insurance is no longer what it use to be and the hundreds of new options means your clients need a second opinion, and for you it means you can do a better job for your customers knowing they’ve considered all their options. And, you don’t have to do all the work.

Give independence and make the sale

Introducing BenStaff can be challenging, but agents who share our vision and value proposition are introducing BenStaff. Agents can do two things at once; give their customer our independence and make the sale.

Serve your customer by giving them BenStaff’s independence through our Decoder, underwriting vendor audit or staffing work. You will spend less time finding and evaluating plans and spend more time finding clients and making sales that are best for customers. Agents are great salespeople and combined with the BenStaff technical skills you will improve what you are able to deliver to a customer and ultimately, make the product sale that’s right for your customer.

Here’s the rub for agents

Here’s the rub: BenStaff requires 100% access to the customer, we work for them not the agent. We understand and here from agents that they’re conflicted about our service. We can be intimidating for an agent because we will expose deficiencies in anything contradictory to an owner or employees interests. Agents whose quality of work is not best practice may feel conflicted. Feel free to talk to me, about opportunities for us to help you do better.

Group agent needing help with individual?

If you’re a group agent afraid to do individual work, talk to Brian about partnering with 4 Your Benefit to serve your client by meeting one-on-one with employees when individual coverage is the best solution. He can workout an arrangement that serves the needs of the customer and keeps you connected with your customer. If you’re an individual agent expert please talk to me about how you can help in this process.

It’s a new day in benefits and BenStaff is leading the way with independent advice for your clients. We all have to embrace change.

Customers and agents should talk with us about 4 Your Benefit.