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A liberal told me once, “I read all the headlines to form my opinion.” So, I thought I’d read a few headlines myself to see what that would teach me. I learned that “news” is actually opinion.

In this column I’ll include the left leaning media.

Truth is in the small print, it requires a reading beyond the headlines. Unlike my liberal friend, I prefer the details. Details lead to the truth but take more work.

In this column I’ll offer what is always more detail than headlines. I think with your basic instincts you’ll see what’s in your best interest.

NYT, CNN, Guardian; Big Liars?

In bed together, fake-news media NYT, CNN, Guardian are all liars. They all say Biden is victor when that’s not true. There is no position or standing for “President Elect.” This is what we call, “they (the fake news) creating a narrative that suites them not the truth. Please stop believing them.

Google search on Biden victory:

Fox Headline

The fact is, the election isn’t confirmed until the process is completed. Here’s just one article of many, “Conservatives Must Hold The Line On Election” just like the most recent news link below.

“Despite Biden being projected as winning key swing states, including Pennsylvania and Nevada, the results have yet to be certified, and Republicans, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., are defending Trump’s right to pursue all legal avenues.”