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“Owners helping owners.”

Bob Krefski and Don Watza

Bob has more than 20 years solving HR problems and I have more than 30 years in HR as a detailed auditor. We’re both frustrated watching HR fires become routine ways of operating for Small Business Owners. We want to help Owners do better. But, first, we have to help the Owner see why HR is broken before offering any fix.

After hundreds of hours of research, we created a video to communicate directly to Owners what’s broken.

“2 Reasons HR Fails” Video

Password protected, “2 Reasons HR Fails,” video page link.

The video is a fabulous message that will help Small Business Owners realize how in-house HR processes will never deliver the level of expectation or keep fires from holding back growth.

Owners need today’s password from Bob or Don before proceeding to the next page to access the video. Use our webchat to get the password now (lower right green button).

Lean “Root-Cause-Analysis”

Fires are not necessary and can be eliminated. Applying LEAN Continuous Improvement to your HR processes and people problems you can eliminate fires. If you’re living with unacceptable people performance or broken processes and are ready for a change, talk to Bob or myself, now.

Bob and I put our decades of experience to work using LEAN root-cause-analysis” to discover the 2 Reasons HR Fails Small Business Owners. We want to share it with other Owners to help businesses focus on their future. Owners do not have to be stuck with HR overwhelm, frustration and headaches.

Is HR Outsourcing Your Answer?

Every organization is unique because owners, employees and customers are unique. There is no one right solution but there is the right way to consider all the options.

Healthy change is what you can expect no matter the solution we recommend. There are two extremes a high-quality PEO at one end, and ala-carte payroll plus HR at the other.

Bob and I are tired of watching Owners lose businesses, jump to conclusions or quit because HR is overhwelming. Let us help you think about your HR.

Your HR Problem Solving Team

Bob Krefski, HR Consultant 586-996-8967, [email protected]

Don Watza (me), LEAN Consultant, 248-881-3310, [email protected]

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