Don’t Vote For The Evil of Socialism

America Needs Thinking Voters Not Media Followers.

The {socialist/communist} ideology remains as evil as ever and is somehow making a comeback. Now more than ever, it must be called what it is.

Paul Kengor, It’s High Time We Tell the Truth about the Evils of Marx and Marxism; Paul Kengor, National Review, September 2020

In the last few weeks, I’ve had frank discussions with my peers; men that have given their lives to provide the best America had to offer to provide for their families; their spouses and children. These men see a crisis in this election and each of them wants to do what they can to inform others of the evil of socialism.

If you want to fight for America’s greatness now is the time.

The article above and videos below can easily be shared with those who need to hear the message that the America we wake up to after this election could look like Countries we can’t imagine living in. Be careful your vote doesn’t do away with your own liberties.

I just visited a Communist country in January. A beautiful place whose people are wonderful. But, they’re life suffers every human indignity because the government decides every aspect of life. Is that what millennials think is best?

“I guess everyone is not equal even in communist countries.”

Youth who visited a Communist Country

Our youth are taken with the feelings they have for those less fortunate than them. They want to help others with less. The media makes it look like a good idea but the evil lurking behind a Biden vote is well documented. The article and videos can offer clarity for those interested.

Bishop Robert Barron, Ideas Have Consequences: The Philosophers Who Shaped 2020
– The story Marx and others wrote over the last 200 years is playing out, it provides background as only Bishop Barron can. He tells how we ended up in the mess we’re in.

I  watch Young Adults push back against the American values without any idea what they are trading. A good and upright nation for the Evils of power played out by the state. They want the social agenda because it sounds good. Who doesn’t want to accept others? Who doesn’t want a fair and just country? But, it’s a dangerous emotional appeal that tugs at their hearts.

Fr. Ed Meeks, Staring Into the Abyss: 

This talk is what I wish was delivered over the last 20 years from the pulpit. It’s the message straight forward – He states the requirements of a Catholic voter,  – Abortion, not an option. – Marriage is for bringing into the world the sanctity of life and raising families. – Our freedom to practice religion is being compromised at every turn from the liberal left. Silencing the church who stands in the way of the power saught by those who want to take over your life, we must stand with the Church as the ambassador for humanity.

For all those millenials who walk away from their faith, consider that you’re being pushed that way, you’re being pushed into socialism without your own choosing.

You walk into Communism (or any ism) and you shoot your way out.

A Good Friend

May the God of Mercy, Grace, and Peace bring the America into its best century.

Don Watza